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Hoop house beginnings…..

Super excited about the hoop house we are installing  to extend our season! Thanks to NRCS for the grant!

First Summer Wedding bouquets

I had so much fun doing these table arrangements for an August wedding. Can you tell?

Shop from your local farmer!


Locally Grown


We really appreciate the folks that stop in at our farm stand and buy our produce directly from us! Everything for sale at the stand was grown right there on the property. Fruit trees, produce and farm fresh flowers! Take home some bounty!




Around the farm

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This year has been strange. Well, what year isn’t? Super-hot in the spring, drought and now a little rain – if you can call 100 drops rain! We have had more little frogs and moles roaming the land. Gorgeous sunsets and cloud formations. And many new faces checking out our bounty AND new critters taking up residence at the farm!

New goslings on the farm

The first week of July, new goslings hatched to 2 mothers who shared the incubating duties. When one goose departed the eggs for water or food and to stretch her legs a little, the other girl goose would take over for a while. Often both of them were cozy in the igloo sharing the coverage of the eggs. Pretty darn cute. As a result we have 4 new goslings that provide great entertainment and cuteness factor.


Join our CSA Anytime during the 26 week run

You can join our 2014 CSA starting now! If you want to be a part of our CSA running May 28th – Nov 19th send us an email and we will send you detailed information with pricing options. Pick up of your fresh, tasty sustainable grown produce is at the farm Wednesday 3-6pm.


Red’s Apple Roadhouse


We are excited to be providing collards for Red’s Apple Roadhouse. Red’s has a great menu for breakfast, lunch AND dinner, plus fabulous entertainment. This will be a place you will want to spend many of your warm summer evenings chowing down on BBQ delights and drinks from the tavern!


New pot belly PIG!

We adopted a sweet 11 month old, 30 pound Pot Belly girl PIG! She bring us a lot of joy.

Plant Sale – Saturday April 26th from 9am – 2pm!

We are having a plant sale Saturday April 26th between 9am – 2pm at the farm. We will have vegetable starts, herbs and flowers.

A great time to see the farm if you have not before, ask CSA questions, see what we are selling and take something home with you .




Every year sprouts show their sweet little heads and every year I get so excited. What a miracle that such a small seed can produce so much.

IMG_3824 a new beginning Melons


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