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Join our 26 week CSA

We are taking our 2014 CSA memberships starting now! If you want to be a part of our 26 week CSA running May 28th – Nov 19th send us an email and we will send you detailed information with pricing options. Pick up of your fresh, tasty sustainable grown produce is at the farm Wednesday 3-6pm.



Every year sprouts show their sweet little heads and every year I get so excited. What a miracle that such a small seed can produce so much.

IMG_3824 a new beginning Melons


Blossoms and Fallen Leaves

New this year 2014 – Farm Fresh Cut Flowers!

NEW 2014!! This year we have decided to add more flowers on the farm. We hope this will lead to more foraging for the bees, butterflies and birds, plus a bonus of beautiful bouquets for you! Many don’t realize where a majority of the flowers come from and the great distances flowers travel to get to us here in the United States. We are fortunate to live in an area where there are so many local and seasonal options for floral delights to grace our lives. Choose something right in your backyard in Sonoma County and support your local farmer for your fresh cut flowers for a weekly arrangement or one time engagement. Availability of cut flowers at the farm vary from the end of May until end of October.

Flower CSA – Bouquet Shares. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A flower CSA works the same way as popular vegetable CSAs. Members typically join in early spring, when expenses are high but crops are not yet ready for sale, enabling farmers to purchase necessary supplies for the growing season to come. In return for your support, we provide you with a lovely weekly bouquet of fresh sustainably grown in-season blooms. The bouquet share is also a great choice for the local business looking to add color and a fresh distinctive touch to your sales or reception area. Great for wineries, doctor’s offices or hostess stations. In 2014, our Flower CSA runs from June through the first week in September with a pick up on Wednesday. Please contact us for information on our Flower CSA - Bouquet Shares.


Finally rain!

These guys are popping up all around the farm. No, we don’t eat them.

We are a Bee Friendly Farm!


With Partners for Sustainable Pollination we are now bee friendly certified. We are excited to keep bees buzzing and pollinators around our farm. They help with so much. We provide the plants for them to forage (and the water) and they do their business!


15 degrees!

We recorded a chilling 15 degrees at the ranch this week. Pipes cracked and icicles formed. Burrrr!  Some crops are holding on, others are gone. Glad we are getting a little needed rain.


Planting Fig Trees!


Thanks Farm Supporters!

Things to look forward to….

Autumn Decor II

The CSA ends this week. The farm stand will be closed for the season after Tuesday.  It was 26 degrees on Monday at the farm. We have holidays filled with squash, fun and family to look forward to…….. and a bit of rest!


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