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Happy Spring

We had a rough winter. Probably the most water we have had since we started farming here. Considering we have been in a fairly drastic drought, that is not too surprising. Santa Rosa’s recorded rainfall was over 52 inches. There were jokes flying around about a name change to Twin Palms Lakes. The ducks had a blast frolicking in the puddles. We are, after all, part of the Laguna de Santa Rosa, a 14-mile long wetland complex that drains a 254-square mile watershed encompassing most of the Santa Rosa Plain in Sonoma County. The low lands, so we are not foreign to wet. We just have not had much water in the last 6 years. We are slowly getting plants nestled into the ground and our veggies and fruit should be ready for your enjoyment soon! Looking forward to seeing old and new faces this coming 2017 season.

Now we are preparing for the summers delicious deliveries and all that it will bring us. Less focus on the sky, clouds and birds and more on the soil, bugs and colorful bounty.



30 days of BUUURRRRRRR!



is here!

Hello April -Twenty Sixteen!

Spring is here with rain this year. We are wishing for more to come. Dormant life is waking up and warming in the sun.


Frosty Winter

Fall is in the air, finally!

Goodbye hot weather crops. Truly ready for a cooling and rain……

First Annual Flower Festival – September 20th, 2015

Fl fest image

The 1st annual Flower Festival is being held on Sunday, September 20th in Healdsburg at Front Porch Farm. There will be workshops, flower farm tours, fun for the kiddos and local flowers galore. The North Bay Flower Collective all working together to bring you a fun filled flower day featuring LOCAL FLOWERS! Come on out!

More information here:

2015 – We are doing our Veggie/Fruit & Flower CSA this year! Are you joining us?

We are now taking signups for 2015. You can join our CSA starting now! If you want to be a part of our CSA running June 4th – Oct 29th send us an email and we will send you detailed information with pricing options. Pick up your fresh, tasty sustainable grown produce and flowers at the farm Thursday 3-6pm. At that same time our farm stand will be open selling everything we grow on the farm.


As many of you may know, we had a little hiccup in plans the last 6 months. Louis was scheduled to have knee replacement surgery at the end of November last year but the night before it was scheduled he dropped a piece of wood on his shin (same leg he was to have surgery on) and it created a large, 2 inch long, deep gouge, removing several layers of skin. The doctor did not want to do the surgery because of the potential for infection. It was a blow and put a wrench in our plans for this farm year. He had to wait until it completely healed before he could have his operation which he did on April 3rd! He is healing well, walking with a cane and able to ride the tractor. So we are going to carry on.

Thank you to all who have supported us over the years and for the upcoming season.