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Hot weather and Fowl

by on October 2, 2012

WOW! What a hot day and its October 2nd. Pretty crazy +101 degrees at the ranch. I had to call cuz Alex to come help me get things harvested – THANKS Alex, you Rock! So if you all haven’t made it by the Thursday farmers market don’t come this week, it’s over. That’s right; it’s a shorter market and finished up last Thursday. But we are starting the Wednesday farmers market, TOMORROW. Come by and say Hi and get some of the last tasty treats of summer. We still have some killer tomatoes and peppers plus some of the usual suspects. It is at the Wells Fargo Center off hwy 101 North of Santa Rosa a few miles. Don’t be one of those to say “WAY UP THERE?” it is only maybe a 5 minute drive, I’ve ridden my bike there in just over 40 minutes.

The Trailer Chicks. Our chickens live in a converted travel trailer, if you haven’t seen it you should. They are starting to lay some delicious eggs. They started out slowly one or two a day which Karen and I can easily use but today they bumped up to four so we will be selling those real soon, too. We just adopted two more geese to guard the front gate and bought two heritage turkeys. The turkeys are supposed to be getting fattened up for Thanksgiving-sort of a test to see if I can grow my own meat. I was told they were both Toms but one starting to look like it might be a hen so now I’m thinking boy a bunch of little turkeys sure would be fun. We will see what happens with that.

Last week Karen & I worked 14 hour days going home at 11pm making some changes to the cooler shed and the area around it. It was kind of a marathon getting things back in order. Thanks to Rob Layman (Layman Drywall) for showing up on Sunday to do the sheetrock and tape the seams to seal it up tight. Big improvement.

Well enough for now, hope you can come to the farmer’s market or stop by the ranch on Tuesday or Thursday 3:30-6:30pm for the farm stand.


Your Farmer Lou


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