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TPR in Marigolds

“You’re truly talented Karen and I like your taste of balancing understated elegance while keeping it organic. Your flower arrangements are truly beautiful.”

~John Archibald

“Our family looks forward each week to our CSA pick up day.  My sons race out of the car to see what new things are happening at the farm and see what vegetables you have for us.  I love the variety of vegetables and fruits…and of course the herb bouquets.  I feel fortunate that my children have come to have an understanding and appreciation of all that goes into our vegetable box.  Thank you!”

~Susie, Mike, Auden and Otto L.

“We have subscribed to Twin Palms for two seasons thus far, and couldn’t be happier. It’s a local, organically grown collection of their current crops, where the color and taste of the vegetables truly stand out over anything you might pick up in the supermarket. The variation and surprise that comes each week is ideal in nutrition and taste, and by supporting local farmers you serve not only your family, but the local economy, and our good earth!”

~Cheryl F.

“Keep up the exceptional work with your organic farm. Our CSA was amazing!  Having all that fresh produce every week made healthy dinners easier. This past year we tried all kinds of new recipes for the tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, squash, lettuce, chard, bok choy, and Naomi found out she actually does like beets!  Educational, delicious and nutritious! We recommend Twin Palms to everyone we meet. We enjoyed Karen’s artistic flare coming out in her presentation of the boxes, complete with fresh flowers. Amazingly, our son could tell the difference between your farm fresh veggies and store bought.  Tonight at dinner he said, “I know why this salad doesn’t taste so good, it’s not from the Ranch.” Thank you for the Twin Palms customer appreciation BBQ pizza party last summer.  It was so enjoyable to sit amongst good friends and family looking out upon your dream come true.  Louis, love all the improvements you have made. We’re looking forward to more of those farm fresh eggs too!  Keep us updated on your blog when the farm stand is open and we’ll see you out there!”

~Alex, Naomi & Colin C.

“The fresh veggies and fruit and flowers and herbs in my box were delicious. I enjoyed the personal service that this small farm offers with recipes and tastings. Karen and Louis truly enjoy their work and provide excellent food for their customers.”

~Bette S.

“Thanks for offering the availability for good wholesome local produce. It was terrific to get the great produce from you during the summer season, looking forward to it next season. We much prefer to get local small farm produce than big corporate grocer stuff. It’s great to support grow local.  Thanks so much.”

~Stevo B.

“I was lucky enough to have enjoyed Twin Palms “boxes” for the past two years.  The produce is delicious and surprising, sometimes that’s part of the fun.   Recipes and flowers… too.  But, if you like lettuce, let me tell you about the bags of greens that are so tender and juicy I start eating them in the car on the way home!  I will be a repeat client of Louis and Karen’s growing ranch…eggs and the orchards being fostered even as we speak!”

~Kathleen K.

“Twin Palms Ranch rocks!!! Karen & Louis are dedicated to providing some of the best organic produce I’ve seen around. The love and care that goes into their CSA boxes is obvious. Karen is meticulous in her selection and cleaning of every item that goes in their boxes and onto their farm-stand tables.  Every bundle of herbs, greens & other veggies is packaged with extra care and is picture perfect.   I’m so happy to be a member of their CSA – with which they are intent on building community in addition to providing us lucky folks with wonderful, organic food. I truly believe that growing healthy food to sustain others is one of the most valuable occupations there is. Karen & Louis strive to, and succeed in making an art of it! Looking forward to more pizza parties and ranch activities this year.”

~kitty s.

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